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Gallery of custom wedding dresses, ballgowns and occassion wear 


Choosing a bespoke, made to measure dress means you can have ultimate freedom of design. You can choose style/colours/fabrics/embellishments/ and create a dress that encapsulates all your favourite things and is as unique as you are.

Every outfit I make is fully bespoke and I work closely with clients to make sure their dress is personal and representative of who they are.


The dresses shown in the gallery are merely a starting point to get your ideas flowing. You can of course have a dress made up exactly as the design, or have it slightly modified, maybe in a different colour or with a different lace etc. Or you can just take elements from different designs and have your own unique outfit designed specifically for you.

The sky really is the limit!


A deep red, silk taffeta corset, adorned with delicate floral applique worn with a statement ballgown skirt create this bold and striking gown.


Waves of soft embroidered tulle over a sheer plunging bodice and flowing sheer skirt create this beautifully bohemian gown.


A corset of soft, ivory tulle and bold, black lace applique worn over a fitted fishtail skirt create this striking and sultry gown.


Multiple layers of soft tulle paired with a sheer bodice, embellished with colourful embroidery create this dark and dramatic gown.


Swathes of soft, pink tulle and snow white floral applique on a structured silk bodice create this magical, fairytale gown.

Fran Kinsella 2.jpg

Layers of burgundy tulle paired with a fitted leather bodice, embellished with sparkling lace, sequins and beads create this dark and magical gown.

Stuart P 1.jpg

Sparkling crystal and pearl applique on a black leather bodice, with a full ballerina style skirt create this unique, statement gown.


A structured corset made in pearl satin, adorned with delicate vintage lace, with either a full or fitted skirt create this elegant and lustrous gown  


A heavily embellished bodice, soft tulle skirt and ethereal sleeves adorned with delicate floral applique create this whimsical wonderland gown.

Graham Panton 1.jpg

Ivory floral lace and a plunging neckline bodice, worn with a full a-line skirt in sparkling organza create this sweet and playful gown.


A soft, floral print overlaid

with delicate ivory tulle create

this romantic, vintage

inspired dress.


A skirt made with delicate floral lace and a fitted bodice with hand applied flowers, beads and sequins create this ethereal and magical gown.


Embellished lace, rambling roses and iridescent pearls paired with a sheer, structured bodice create this whimsical and romantic gown.


A structured, corset bodice with beautiful, red lace beading worn with a leather fishtail skirt create this dramatic and daring gown.


Crisp, ivory taffeta embellished with soft lilac lace and sparkling crystals create this beautifully classic and timeless gown.


A sheer blush pink corset, covered in delicate floral applique with illusion sleeves and heavily embellished tulle skirt create this fresh, feminine gown.


A structured bodice, sparkling with crystals, spikes and studs worn over a full taffeta ballgown skirt create this dramatic, statement gown.


A dusky pink, silk corset adorned with hand dyed lace, crystals and pearls, over layers of candy floss tulle create this soft and romantic gown.


Layers of tulle topped with a scattering of hand applied flowers, leaves and sparkling crystals create this delicate and ethereal gown.


Heavily embellished red lace over a   full tea length skirt and fitted bodice, covered in sparkling applique, create this bold and striking gown.


Delicate flowers, falling leaves and sparkling sequins set against layers of soft ivory tulle create this magical statement gown.


Soft feather embellished tulle with sparkling sequins and soft layers create this laid back and simple statement dress.

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