Gallery of custom wedding dresses, ballgowns and occassion wear 

  • scarletrose3.jpg

    A deep red, silk taffeta corset, adorned with delicate floral applique worn with a statement ballgown skirt create this bold and striking gown.

  • Graham Panton 1.jpg

    Ivory floral lace and a plunging neckline bodice, worn with a full a-line skirt in sparkling organza create this sweet and playful gown.

  • Tigz-Rice-Studios-Elisabeth-Armstrong-20

    A structured bodice, sparkling with crystals, spikes and studs worn over a full taffeta ballgown skirt create this dramatic, statement gown.

  • luna1.jpg

    A corset of soft, ivory tulle and bold, black lace applique worn over a fitted fishtail skirt create this striking and sultry gown.

  • WYCOMBEABBEY-262_edited.jpg

    A soft, floral print overlaid

    with delicate ivory tulle create

    this romantic, vintage

    inspired dress.

  • snowstorm4.jpg

    A bodice of pleated ivory taffeta and delicate, sparkling lace, worn over a full ballgown skirt create this simple elegant gown.

  • dusk4.jpg

    A dusky pink, silk corset adorned with hand dyed lace, crystals and pearls, over layers of candy floss tulle create this soft and romantic gown.

  • WYCOMBEABBEY-227_edited.jpg

    Multiple layers of soft tulle paired with a sheer bodice, embellished with colourful embroidery create this dark and dramatic gown.

  • Versailles-39_edited.jpg

    A skirt made with delicate floral lace and a fitted bodice with hand applied flowers, beads and sequins create this ethereal and magical gown.

  • Opehlia1web_edited.jpg

    Layers of tulle topped with a scattering of hand applied flowers, leaves and sparkling crystals create this delicate and ethereal gown.

  • 71b02a21-0fd8-4f26-9f55-7b540f3ad939.jpg

    Swathes of soft, pink tulle and snow white floral applique on a structured silk bodice create this magical, fairytale gown.

  • WYCOMBEABBEY-94_edited_edited.jpg

    Embellished lace, rambling roses and iridescent pearls paired with a sheer, structured bodice create this whimsical and romantic gown.


    Heavily embellished red lace over a   full tea length skirt and fitted bodice, covered in sparkling applique, create this bold and striking gown.

  • Fran Kinsella 2.jpg

    Layers of burgundy tulle paired with a fitted leather bodice, embellished with sparkling lace, sequins and beads create this dark and magical gown.

  • rubyclose.jpg

    A structured, corset bodice with beautiful, red lace beading worn with a leather fishtail skirt create this dramatic and daring gown.

  • WYCOMBEABBEY-162_edited.jpg

    Delicate flowers, falling leaves and sparkling sequins set against layers of soft ivory tulle create this magical statement gown.

  • Stuart P 1.jpg

    Sparkling crystal and pearl applique on a black leather bodice, with a full ballerina style skirt create this unique, statement gown.

  • Tigz-Rice-Studios-Elisabeth-Armstrong-20

    Crisp, ivory taffeta embellished with soft lilac lace and sparkling crystals create this beautifully classic and timeless gown.

  • WYCOMBEABBEY-197_edited.jpg

    Soft feather embellished tulle with sparkling sequins and soft layers create this laid back and simple statement dress.

  • Tigz-Rice-Studios-Elisabeth-Armstrong-20

    A structured corset made in pearl satin, adorned with delicate vintage lace, with either a full or fitted skirt create this elegant and lustrous gown  


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