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Dark Fairytale . . .

Lustrous blacks and dramatic reds, dark burgundy shades and bright, white accents. The dark fairytale collection is everything you ever dreamed of for a dramatic and impactful wedding dress.


Browse our collection for black wedding dresses, red wedding dresses, burgundy wedding dresses, colourful wedding dresses, embroidery and lace.

Romantic Pastels . . .

Pretty pinks and dusky blues, pale lilacs and ivory pearls. The Romantic Pastels collection is a colourful and playful selection of dresses for a feminine and ethereal bride.


Browse our collection for pink wedding dresses, blue wedding dresses, lilac wedding dresses, colourful wedding dresses, florals and lace.

Enchanted Ivory . . .

Fresh whites and pearly hues, ivory lace and sparkling crystals. The Enchanted Ivory collection is a twist on the traditional for a modern and daring bride.


Browse our collection for ivory wedding dresses, white wedding dresses, corset wedding dresses, embellished wedding dresses, embroidery and tulle.