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This dress is made from a separate corset bodice and tulle skirt. The bodice is covered with hand dyed lace, freshwater pearls and crystals.

The tulle skirt has 6 layers of soft pink tulle and an opaque underskirt. Straps and sleeves can be added if desired.


All gowns can be customised and altered to suit your own unique style, please get in touch to discuss your options.



The price of your gown depends on a few factors such as; fabrics, embellishment, style, etc.

Each gown is bespoke, made to measure and therefore unique.

As a guide dresses start from around £900 and range upwards of £3,000. It is always worth getting in touch to discuss prices and get a more accurate costing for your dress. Most reasonable budgets can be accommodated and I work closely with you to offer suggestions for fabrics and trims that will keep you within budget.

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